• A broken neutral is relatively common but potentially life-threatening electrical fault that can affect households and businesses. Power flows in and out of your premise from a distribution network, entering via the active cable and leaving via the neutral cable. If there is no neutral, there will be an influx of voltage entering your premise, resulting in over voltage and a possible life-threatening situation. Loss of neutral results in equipment being over heated, damaged and sometimes non-fixable. Replacing valuable electronic equipment can be very expensive.

    Neutral failure is a serious condition. A break in the neutral conductor will simply result in a loss of the energy supply which leads to an Irrespective of load balance.

    Reasons for Neutral Failue
    Some of the common causes for loss of neutral are:

      ✓ Bad Weather conditions – storms and lightning can cause power problems.

      ✓ Accidents – unpredictable accidents such as a tree falling on the wires can result in  loss of neutral.

      ✓ Stolen copper wires – While there is blackout there is no electricity running through wires, this is an easy opportunity for copper wires to be stolen and sold for money.

      ✓ Overhead wires – Overhead wires are not only easily damaged, but they are also easily accessible to be stolen.

    Effects of Neutral Failure
    In the event of loss of neutral, the single-phase voltage will rise to the three-phase level subjecting your equipment to >400V instead of 230V. This results in over voltage and can be catastrophic for your appliance. Any electronic appliance connected to the wiring will most likely be damaged due to overheating.
    If there are problems with the neutral line, electricity may travel through a different path.
    This may be via water pipes, stoves and metal taps or any other conductor of electricity. This can be very dangerous, and you may suffer a serious electric shock if you touch something where electricity is present.

    Phasor solution to Neutral Failure
    To protect against neutral failure, Phasor NFP product line can protect against by disconnecting the power when it’s bad and reconnect automatically on return of normal power which protects against short- and long-term damage to ensure longevity of your