About Us

We are an innovative developer and manufacturer offering unique solutions for power supply protection and  grid reliability improvement

Founded in 2018, Phasor began with a target to elegantly solve power grid issues and failures yet unresolved.

Single phase loss in a Three Phase System is a common outage failure resulting in partial and instable power supply, generally causing just one third of the grid to fail.

Neutral line failure is the most severe malfunction in a three phase power grid, that can result, beyond a power outage, in a painful economical damage caused by electrically burned appliances all over the facility.

By developing a new line of patented products Phasor is soon to offer accessible, din mounted modules, to help avoid these annoying issues


Our Leadership

  • Oren Tamir

    An entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in planning and executing
    low voltage distribution and control projects in commercial
    construction, residential, office buildings, industry and agriculture
  • Ron Aviv

    17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, an architect. Planning real estate projects including electrical infrastructure.  Experience as a board member
    Former owner of Orbit Communication