A Global Need

Grid and local phase loss and neutral failures are common unresolved issues that cause businesses and residential facilities worldwide great inconvinience, potentially life-threatening electrical faults and heavy financial losses in the form of electrical equipment malfunctions and decreased output. 

The Solution

Phasor is targeting to solve these issues with innovative patented solutions installed in your
control panel/distribution board, that reduce and eliminate possible common damages resulting from power grid outages

The market is everywhere
Every electric panel becomes safer and more efficient with Phasor components installed.
Control single phase outages - increased efficiency and savings.
Aiming to become a Golden Standard.

M-PCM - US and Israel granted , EU in examination 
E-PCM - US granted, PCT application filed 
M-NFP, NFP-R - US granted, PCT  application filed
Multiple Product Lines
Phase compensating modules
Neutral protection modules
3-phase motor conntinuation solution - safely running 3 phase motors on 2 phases
Multiple Go To Market Routes
Panel builders, electrical installers
Facility managers
Licensing, Royalties and OEM


Our Vision

To improve the quality of life by keeping the power supply sustained
and safer.
To become a Golden Standard in safety, power continuity
and efficiency in any low voltage electrical system.

Prevent Damages

Increase Safety

Continuous and Efficient Power


NFP Product Line

Phasor provides the world first ever compact din rail mount Neutral Failure Protection devices for any 3-Phase distribution panel regardless of phase loss.


PCM Product Line

Phasor maintains the power supply continuity in cases of a single/double phase failure in a three phase connection, regardless of the reason, by automatically feeding all single phase consumers from one of the remaining live phases.

DIN rail mount modules

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